June 25, 2024

47% of console gamers in the US are female gamers, 50% are PC gamers


Even today, in the year 2023, many live with the belief that the Women I have no interest in it world of video games – and in fact, When someone claims to be one, a gambler, it’s not uncommon to be “tested” by them realgamers™which ask you what you’re playing, for how long, on what difficulty, to judge whether to assign that or not imaginary license Who recognizes it as such?

And yet it’s not just female gamers – with a hug for those who, even today, tell us that “you only play to get our attention,” victims of a little too much faith in those who convinced them of it , the focus is on the solar system – but there are also many.

Not surprisingly, however, they often hide their identities in online games to avoid harassment (you can read). this studyfor example), or that they don’t talk about it at all: just see according to a recent study by Cicana (formerly NPD Group) in terms of demographics on the US public.

The study, published by Matt Piscatella – which has decided to publish figures that companies normally pay dearly for, so that they can proceed with confidence in relation to their goals – at the his twitter profileproposes the following with regard to the USA:

  • The 47% of console owners are gamers (+1% YoY)
  • The 50% of PC gamers are female (+1% YoY)
  • The 54% of mobile gamers are female (+1% YoY).

Piscatella, who did the analysis for the PlayerPulse column, adds:

  • The 41% of the PS5 In the US, they belong to a player.
  • The 45% of the Xboxes The X|S series is owned by a player;
  • The 52% by Nintendo Switch belong to a player;
  • The 50% of pc Playing cards belong to a player.

Piscatella explains the methodology of the study “PlayerPulse is our monthly survey that tracks consumer awareness and engagement based on a rotating sample of approximately 10,000 US households. Track demographics, engagement, ownership, purchase intent, social usage, etc.

The analyst adds that, given that the figures – which are not what the license distributors mentioned above were expecting – as well as its competence and professionalism have been questioned, PlayerPulse has been collecting data that it has been investigating since 2017 “play it safe Consistency between the different samples and to protect us from bias/bugs, Circana implements a weighted system for each monthly data set, based on distributions representative of platforms and engagement in using that platform. The model is based on aggregated and cross-product samples that we update quarterly keep up with market changes».

Also add to his words those Daniel Ahmadwell-known market analyst for Niko Partners who says as follows Asia Female video gamers instead represent the 42.6% of the total.

In short, the stats are pretty straightforward – and if you’ve never played with a player, you know that’s not because they don’t exist, it’s because they’re either not part of your day-to-day reality, or they are prefer not to reveal these, perhaps by playing online with the microphone off or with male avatars.

Waiting for the day when, when an analyst publishes the figures, the reactions that one can (also) today “enjoy” under Piscatella’s study will not follow.

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